David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award

The David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award was created by The Missouri Bar Foundation to recognize outstanding achievement in appellate practice by young lawyer members of The Missouri Bar. The award is named after the late Judge Dixon, whose tenacity, professionalism, and judicial skills epitomize outstanding appellate practice.

The award identifies and acknowledges those Missouri lawyers that excel in advocacy skills as observed by appellate judges within the appellate district in the State of Missouri, the Supreme Court of Missouri, and/or the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. One lawyer from each district of the Missouri Court of Appeals receives the award, which comes with a $750 stipend. The nominees must be under 40 years old on September 30 of that year.

Nominations are taken from members of The Missouri Bar starting on Jan. 1, with a deadline of Feb. 15. Additionally, qualifying Missouri lawyers may self-nominate by completing the Nomination Form. An application form is mailed to each nominee for completion and return to the Foundation by March 15. Completed applications are then sent to a selection committee of judges, which makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Missouri Bar Foundation for final selection.

The Foundation Trustees make the final decision at the Missouri Bar Foundation Board summer meeting. For more information, contact Mischa Buford Epps at The Missouri Bar.

Nomination Form

Award Winners

Learn about the 2023 recipients – Katharine P. Curry, Michael T. Raupp, and Alexandria Shah

Past Award Recipients

Derek Ankrom, Springfield
Kristen Johnson, Jefferson City
Kate Merwald, Kansas City

Emily Danker-Feldman, St. Louis
Damien de Loyola, Kansas City
John C. Steffens, Cape Girardeau

Zachary M. Bluestone, St. Louis
Julia Neidhardt Rives, Jefferson City
Alexander T. Brown, Kansas City

Nathan J. Aquino, Jefferson City
John Benton Hurst, Kansas City
Chelsea R. Mitchell, Columbia

Clayton E. Gillette, Kansas City
Shaun D. Hanschen, Sikeston
Robert T. Plunkert, St. Louis

Nicholas S. Beydler, Columbia
Erica L. Mynarich, Springfield
Timothy J. Reichardt, St. Louis

Richard E. Finneran, St. Louis
Edward E. Keenan, Kansas City
Donald M. Brown, Bolivar

Samuel E. Buffaloe, Columbia
Jennifer K. Bukowsky, Columbia
Amy E. Lowe, St. Louis

Jessica M. Hathaway, St. Louis
P. Benjamin Cox, Kansas City
J. Matthew Miller, Springfield

Timothy A. Garrison, Springfield
D. John Sauer, St. Louis
Thomas J. Hershewe, Kansas City

Matthew M. Ward, Columbia
Roxanna A. Mason, St. Louis
Brianne N. Thomas, Kansas City

Jeremy K. Brown, Joplin
Christopher O. Bauman, Clayton
Nikki Cannezzaro, Kansas City

James B. Farnsworth, Jefferson City
Tim Forneris, St. Louis
Michelle R. Stewart, Kansas City

Roger W. Johnson, Columbia
James (Jim) E. Meadows, Springfield
Rachel D. Schwarzlose, St. Louis

Shannon A. Vahle, Springfield
Jayne T. Woods, Columbia
Marc D. McKay, Kansas City

Eric J. Poggemiller, St. Joseph
Ginger K. Gooch, Springfield
Joseph F. Yeckel, St. Louis

Ruth B. Sanders, Kansas City
Steven D. Rineberg, St. Louis
Michelle Boehm O’Neal, Joplin

Morry S. Cole, St. Louis
Shawn D. Young, Portageville
LaSandra F. Pearl, Kansas City

Andrea Mazza Follett, Jefferson City
Charles J. Dykhouse, Columbia
Scott E. Bellm, Springfield

Bryan Wade, Springfield
John D. Briggs, St. Louis
Debora L. Hale, Hannibal

Jason L. Call, Jefferson City
Richard L. Rollings, Jr., Ozark
Amany Ragab Hacking, St. Louis

Karen Louise Kramer, Jefferson City
Deborah Dodge, Springfield
James A. Kessinger, Kansas City

Stacy L. Anderson, Jefferson City
Jeffrey T. Davis, Springfield
Blaine H. Elliot, Kansas City

Gregory J. Minana, St. Louis
Susan S. Jensen, Springfield
Gwenda Renee’ Robinson, St. Louis

Gary E. Brotherton, Columbia
Cheryl A. Caponegro, Jefferson City
Nancy L. Vincent, St. Louis

Breck K. Burgess, Jefferson City
Rebecca L. Kurz, Kansas City
Randy R. Cowherd, Springfield

Kim R. Reid, Chesterfield
Susan Ford Robertson, Columbia
Rick E. Temple, Springfield

W. Edward Reeves, Caruthersville
James A. Chenault, III, Jefferson City
Scott Templeton, Kirksville

Craig A. Smith, Springfield
James L. Matchefts, St. Louis
Elizabeth L. Ziegler, Jefferson City

John S. Rollins, Kansas City
Lisa A. Ghan, Springfield
Paul Simon, Jr., St. Louis

Robert W. Cockerham, St. Louis
Elaine Drodge Koch, Kansas City
William C. Love, Springfield

Jordan B. Cherrick, St. Louis
Carol Lewis Iles, Jefferson City
Sylvia K. Byrnes-Ales, Joplin

Justine E. Del Muro, Kansas City
Richard L. Schnake, Springfield
Brenda L. Talent, St. Louis

Leland H. Corley, Kansas City
Karen A. King, Jefferson City
Michael J. Patton, Springfield

Edward J. Hanlon, St. Louis
Patrick J. Berrigan, Kansas City
John E. Price, Springfield