Mission Statement

The Missouri Bar Foundation is a charitable, non-profit partner to The Missouri Bar that helps fund and support bar members and their families and works to further the law-related education of members and citizens in the state. Through our efforts, we hope to improve and preserve the administration of justice in Missouri. The Foundation is made possible through the donations of members and family members who want to help in Missouri.

Our mission is to promote improvement in the administration of justice by encouraging and funding law-related endeavors, recognizing legal and public service, and supporting scholarships and community projects. We hope to achieve this by:

  • Advancing the science, education and research of jurisprudence in our state by providing scholarships and grants to those deserving in the field of law education, especially Missouri law students.
  • Relieving, aiding and assisting deserving members of The Missouri Bar who may be ill, incapacitated or otherwise in need of aid, or the dependents of deceased members who may be in need of aid.
  • Promoting the improvement in the efficiency of judicial proceedings and decisions while working to elevate judicial standards.
  • Preserving the American constitutional form of government by: maintaining libraries; acquiring, preserving and exhibiting rare books and documents; and showcasing art and items of historical and legal significance.
  • Acting as trustee of any funds or property given to the Missouri Bar Foundation by holding and managing those gifts under the terms and conditions they were given.