Foundation Fellows

The Missouri Bar Foundation is grateful to those members of The Missouri Bar who have accepted a special invitation from the Board of Trustees to participate in the Fellows program. The contributions of the following Fellows are greatly appreciated and have assisted the Foundation in fulfilling its goal to support and expand law-related educational and charitable programs throughout Missouri.

Only one percent of members of The Missouri Bar may become Fellows. A Fellow of the Foundation is first a lawyer in good standing of the Missouri Bar. After demonstrating significant contributions to the legal community in Missouri, one can be extended a special invitation by the Board of Trustees. A Fellow has also contributed $1,000 to the Foundation in one payment or over the course of five years, with the minimum payment of $200 per year.

Life Fellows
The next class above Fellow is Life Fellow. A Life Fellow has contributed an additional $2,500 to the Foundation either in a single payment or in the schedule of $250 per year for 10 years.

Sustaining Life Fellows
A Sustaining Life Fellow has achieved the class of Life Fellow but then continued to contribute the annual minimum amount that distinguished a Life Fellow from a Fellow. The Life Fellow becomes a Sustaining Life Fellow the year such a contribution is made.