Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees manages the affairs of the Foundation. It is made up of no less than five and no more than 21 members of the Foundation as well as the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and the president of The Missouri Bar. The board attends an annual meeting each summer but may be called for additional meetings by the president throughout the year. One member of the board who is under the age of 36 and who has less than 10 years of experience practicing law at the time of designation is considered the “Young Lawyer Trustee.”

The board may accept all gifts and bequests made to the Foundation, and it is responsible for safely investing and otherwise managing those funds. It is also responsible for all property, financial or otherwise, held by the Foundation. Most of all, the board authorizes the disbursement of funds in order to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Foundation. Many of the Foundation’s awards, scholarships, grants and other funds are given, presented by and recognized by the board at its annual meeting.

2017-2018 Trustees of The Missouri Bar Foundation

H. A. “Skip” Walther - President

Theresa L. F. Levings - President-elect

Hon. Willie J. Epps Jr. - Treasurer

Sebrina A. Barrett - Secretary

Hon. Zel M. Fischer - Supreme Court of Missouri Chief Justice, ex officio


Karl W. Blanchard Jr.

Suzanne B. Bradley

Dana Tippin Cutler

Doreen D. Dodson

Rex P. Fennessey

Hon. Michael E. Gardner

Wendy E. Garrison

Michael R. Leamer

Mark L. McQueary

Douglass F. Noland

Christopher P. Rackers

Hon. Marco A. Roldan

Hon. Robert G. Russell

Lynn Whaley Vogel

Robert C. Welch

Dorothy L. White-Coleman